BMX was the sport of choice for Brad Fanshaw and he quickly became an accomplished racer and stylish jumper. He began racing in San Diego, California at legendary tracks like The Bike Shop of El Cajon and Rancho San Diego. When his family moved to Omaha, Nebraska he was not discouraged, he and his father helped to create the first BMX track and he introduced his new Midwestern friends to racing.

Due to his participation in the formative years of BMX in California, he calls many of the BMX legends personal friends. His experience and ability saw him race at the PRO level and be ranked in the top 15 nationally. He leveraged his BMX career to get a job at the sanctioning body for BMX. His creative writing and photography skills helped him become an employee of the American Bicycle Association directly from school. He was hired as the Editor of its publication and quickly rose to become the Vice President.

In later years, everything came full circle when Brad's company bonspeedMedia was hired by the ABA to help with branding and expansion of their league. bonspeedMedia was also tasked with helping the ABA in the involvement with getting BMX racing into the 2008 Olympics.

In 2010, Brad Fanshaw was inducted into the Nebraska BMX Racing Hall of Fame.